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Michelle Folta, P.Geol.My name is Michelle Folta and I am a Professional Geologist (P.Geol.) specializing in petroleum geology.

I have over seven years of oil and gas field experience, primarily in Western Canada. In addition, I gained experience in the management aspects of an off-shore drilling consultancy in the US.

My experience, skills, and knowledge include:

  • Geological wellsite supervision (200 wells)
  • Project planning and resource co-ordination
  • Reserve calculations
  • Basin analysis & reservoir modelling
  • Coring supervision & description
  • Compliance monitoring.

Clients often request that I personally be assigned to their projects because of my reputation for professionalism, thoroughness, analytical skills, attention to detail, and integrity.

These character traits and my professional qualifications make me a valuable and capable member of any team engaged in oil and gas exploration, development, and production.

I am proud to have participated in the Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT) in Calgary as the sole representative of Carleton University.